Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jen the Hermit

Yes, I am a hermit. Okay, not exactly, but I will be one up until I leave for Europe. I'm a little disappointed with myself for the fact that I have no self-control when it comes to impulse purchases. And it's not like these impulse purchases are cheap either. Well, what am I talking about? I will tell you...

Friday, August 13, 2010 (Of course it was Friday the 13th!) - Sometime in the morning a couple of guys from work wanted to go to Steve's Music Store to look for a drum box. Me being who I am, I decided to go "for a walk". After they were in the drum room, I made my way down to the acoustic room to look for a guitar for another co-worker just to check if it was still there... it wasn't. No one bought a drum box or anything, so we made our way back to work. Maybe 40 minutes later, it was lunchtime and myself and another co-worker (the one who was looking for a guitar) decided to make a trip back to Steve's. It turns out that we both ended up buying guitars. He got this sweet Fender Strat acoustic/electric. I got this travel size guitar, which is an acoustic/electric guitar. I named him Rocky.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - I've been debating getting a new laptop for a while now because my laptop is a piece of shit and doesn't like to work properly. Honestly, it's plugged in, but it doesn't charge anymore. I figured that it was time for something new. It wasn't my plan to buy a new one today though... My plan was to go watch Inception at the Scotiabank Theatre, which is right by work and then head home. Since the movie didn't start until 6:10pm and I finished work at 5, I thought that I should just go to Best Buy and inquire about a Macbook Pro and figure out my finances. Clearly that didn't happen. I bought a damn 15.4 Macbook Pro. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Anyway, I didn't leave Best Buy early enough to catch Inception so I just went home.

So, if I refuse to go anywhere, it's because I'm broke like a joke and I'm going hide my debit card from myself until it's safe to use again.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Band T-Shirts

Okay, it's a Saturday afternoon and I am in my room folding laundry... It's what the cool people do on Saturday afternoons after all! Forget the great outdoors. Anyway, as I am folding my clothes, I came across my Black Keys t-shirt and it got me thinking. Why don't more bands have female t-shirts? Not all of their fans and merch purchasers are male you know. This Black Keys shirt is a Youth Large (because they didn't have extra small in the MEN'S adult or any shirts for women) and on the inside it says slim fit. Well let me tell you, this shirt is not slim fitting. It is small around my shoulders because my shoulders are quite broad for my body type, but the rest of the shirt is big. Don't get me wrong. I have a few shirts that do fit me quite nicely, but there have been times when I had to resort to getting youth shirts. That's another thing. Why do bands have youth shirts, especially if they're playing at a 19+ venue? Makes no sense to me. And youth shits, they don't fit the same as women shirts.

This is a message to bands: Please come prepared with nice merch for males and females! Thank you.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

People Say...

GUY: "You're a really bad hand holder"
GIRL: "No I'm not!" *in a whiney voice*

GUY: *Walking by Could 9 on Queen Street* "I should really use a vaporizer"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Formula was WRONG!

Oh World Cup soccer. I remember when I didn't give a shit about this time of year. Well, it's not exactly like that. It's not that I didn't care; I did care a little hoping that certain teams didn't win the cup. I usually cheered for Germany to win.

This year it's a little different. Working where I work, we have pools for everything that goes on (Grammys, Oscars, hockey, World Cup). It makes things fun and interesting. If you can recall, I actually won the hockey pool! World Cup pool, not so much. Well, I'm maybe 3rd or 4th right now. Anyway, I went into this having two teams that I was going to cheer for: #1 Netherlands, and #2 Germany. I actually believed since the quarter finals that it would be a Netherlands and Germany final, with Germany winning it all (yes, even though they are my #2 team). As things turned out today, Germany is not going into the finals. The formula was wrong!

What formula you ask? Well, I've heard about this before that there's a formula that will determine who would win the World Cup. According to this formula, it was supposed to be Germany's turn. I actually found this in the Metro paper this morning, and here it is... I don't know who came up with this by the way.

1. Brazil won the W.C. in 1970 and again in 1994. 1994+1970 = 3,964
2. Argentina won the W.C. in 1978 and in 1986. 1986+1978 = 3,964
3. Germany won the W.C. in 1974 and 1990. 1974+1990 = 3,964
4. Therefore, if you want to figure out who will win the cup this year (clearly NOT right) you subtract 3,964 and 2010... 3,964-2010 = 1954. In 1954, Germany won the cup. INTERESTING!

I'm actually kind of glad that Spain won the game today because I think that they will be hard to beat in the finals, but somehow easier to beat than Germany. Let me just say that it is so awesome that a team that has never won the cup before will win this year. This is Spain's first time in the W.C. final, and Netherlands' third time. You know what they say, 3rd time's a charm!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are You Neurotic?

I went to the book store today and picked up this book, "I'm a Neurotic (and so are you)" by Lianna Kong and read it all on my bus ride home. It got me thinking to myself, what makes me neurotic/OCD. Here are some things that I can think of:

- I can't have any of my clothes on the floor. I guarantee that if anyone walks into my room, there will not be any article of clothing on my floor. You'll find paper, books, bags, and even tissue, but no clothes. If there are clothes, then they're not mine.

- I hate socks. The first thing I do when I come home is take off my shoes and then socks. This happens at other people's homes too.

- When I pump gas, the price has to be an even number. ie: It has to be $34.20, not $34.22. I'd prefer if it were a solid $34.00 though.

- When I go online, I have to visit my sites in order: Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm, YouTube, and then my emails.

- All of my hangers in my closet need to be hanging the same way. My shirts on the hangers are all facing the same direction too.

- I won't get out of bed in the morning unless it's on every 5 on the minute. ie: I will only get up at 6:40am or 6:45am. I will not get up at 6:46am. I will wait until 6:50am. On weekends it doesn't bother me if I get up at any time. Only during the work week. It will mess up my universe. Okay, it won't mess it up completely, but maybe a little.

- I get really annoyed if the toilet paper roll is underneath. It should be on top!

- I will not leave the house if my bed isn't made. The rest of my room may be a mess, but my bed has to be neatly done.

I'm all out of ideas...

Saturday, June 26, 2010


So I've been sitting at home all day watching the news about the G20 and the protests that have been happening since 1 this afternoon. Normally I don't give a shit about protests and anything political, but honestly, the destruction of the city has got to stop.

What's the point of destroying police cruisers anyway? Those can be replaced. Why did they smash windows all over the city? (They even smashed windows of a Tim Hortons!!!!!) What does that prove? As I write this, I'm watching everything happen on TV. Those protesters who burn the police cars are fucking cowards. They see three bus loads of police officers come, and they start running away. These people can't be from the city of Toronto. If they are in fact from Toronto, then they are idiots and should just fucking leave. They are destroying a beautiful city.

Let me state, I'm not for the G20 meeting here. In fact, I think that it is extremely stupid to hold something like this in Canada's largest and busiest city. It's stopping the way of life for a lot of people and costing a lot of money. I wonder what I'm going to see on my way to work on Monday. What will Queen Street look like? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MSN Messenger?

What ever happened to MSN? Well, I'm sure that people still use it but I don't anymore. I remember maybe 3 or 4 years ago, I couldn't live without it. I needed that instant connection to people when I was bored. Now when I sign on, I find it boring that I just automatically sign out. What has happened? Could it be the growing use of Facebook? Could it be that I'm actually growing up and see that there's actually life outside of the Internet? As I say that, here I am writing this on a blog that no one really reads. Anyway, why isn't MSN as "hip" as it was before? Anyone have answers for me?